best fly rod for bass fishing

Nano-silica resin is a new and improved version of graphite, thousands of nanoparticles are infused into the resin between the carbon fibers which makes the rod extremely strong and even more powerful. You can cast bass one day and bonefish the next without any worries. The only downside is that you will need to supply your own travel tube if you are going on long trips across the state. A bass fly rod allows you to fully take advantage of the species you are after. A fly fishing rod for bass is no different from your normal fly rod. It is the ideal fly fishing setup for largemouth but might be a little overpowered for smallmouth. Here is a quick look at the top three fly rods from the lineup…. The blank is made from Graphite IIIe Technology that makes it strong, light, and super durable. Redington fly fishing gear is a part of the Farbank Group with Sage and Rio Lines, but it is the more affordable side of the coin. Most fly fishing rods are made from either graphite or nano-silica resin. Bass fight aggressively and if you aren’t using the right equipment, will most likely break something, whether a line or a rod. Fly fishing can be a great time with family and friends or a peaceful solitary getaway. The action of a fly rod describes where along the rod it will bend and is measured from slow to fast. There is nothing to be confused about here. Great rod for smallmouth fishing. You will be able to cast all day long without arm ache holding you back from fishing hard. They come in different lengths, pieces, and materials. This is the ideal combination for fishing for big largemouths and in windy areas. The Triumph brand of bass spinning rod are your standard, high-quality rod, made from graphite fiber. When choosing a smallmouth bass fly rod you should choose a rod in the 7 or 8 wt range. How to Choose the Ultimate Fishing Rods. You’re getting the performance of a fishing rod that could be twice the price. An 8-weight is also a good choice for casting large bass flies that would be heavy and difficult to cast on lighter rods. The medium-fast action abilities allow for a great fishing experience. Fly rods are designed for fly fishing. Some rods come with added bonuses like transport tubes or with reinforced carbon built into the rod. The model below is similar to the TFO above in terms of specs and is ideal for big flies and punching into the wind. The rod weight and length give enough gusto to cast heavy flies in the wind and it is the perfect power balance for fighting both, big largemouth and littler smallmouth, with just one set up. Winston, Orvis, Redington, Echo, TFO. The zone fly rod comes with an anodized aluminum reel seat and titanium guides. Fishing from the Shore. Again, don't get sucked into the high priced works of art unless you plan on using the reel for multi-species. It is light, well balanced, made with incredible quality, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Do You Need A Specific Type Of Fly Rod For Bass? tough enough to handle any bass that comes along…. Smaller rods around six to eight feet are best used in small bodies of water like creeks which are known to have few obstacles. The Sage Pulse is priced as a mid-market rod, and while it is not cheap, it is a pretty amazing rod. While an 8wt rod may be the predominant setup for Bass, there are instances where a 5wt, 6wt, or 7wt is the right tool for the job. is reader-supported. A basic tool that does the job when fly fishing for bass, there’s not much to say about this rod, other than it’s a decent tool for an experienced angler that wants to do some fly fishing for bass. Fly fishing is a fun hobby for most anglers and mixed together with a tough sportfish like bass, it can produce some your best memories on the water. Holding them tight to stop them snagging you is a whole other game. Bass love big flies and to hide around cover…. No matter where you go or who you go with, having the right gear will make your time on the water a better experience. Made from SCII graphite, it’s lightweight and easy to use. QudraKast Fishing Rod and Reel Combos, Unique Design with X-Warping Painting, Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Kit with Tackle Box, Best Gift 4.6 out of 5 stars 487 $39.99 - … The best fly line for bass in lakes is the Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug. The four-piece assembly is again more suited for experienced fly fishermen, but this is a skill every novice needs to learn. It's important to find the right rod weight for the species of fish you are after. St. Croix is a name that everyone will recognize and this rod keeps that legacy going. This rod also comes with a 12 piece bass and panfish fly set. Spincast combos … You will need the stiffness of the rod to set the hook properly to be able to keep control of them during the fight. I fish, camp and enjoy to writing about my adventures. … This purchase comes with a medium-fast carbon rod, built for short-medium distances, an aluminum fly reel, fly line, high-grade rod tube with a shoulder strap, and a waterproof fly box that fits perfectly into your rod tube outer pocket. With a durable eight weight reel, it is sure to be a strong opponent to any fighting bass trying to escape. The 9ft, four-piece, carbon-made rod is excellent for fishing in small-medium bodies of water. Top 5 wt Fly Rod – G. Loomis NRX+. Buying the complete package gets you a few neat accessories. This package is perfect for someone who just wants to invest in some great gear to get out on the water as fast as possible.

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