bryant evolution fault codes

Check this emergency power supply on a regular basis or whenever the filters are changed. Internal failure. 5. This is above the normal thermostat temperature setting range of 45’ to 90” F (/ to 32" C). Ignition Lockout or Ignition Proving Fault, - Check to be sure manual shutoff valve in gas supply pipe is in the open position. Review the CHECK status indicator light to see if it is lit. The 060 and 20 unit can deliver 2 to 5 tons A/C and 800 to 2000 CFM for continuous fan. Furnace is noisy or loud. Defective thermostat, contactor, transformer, control relay, or capacitor. Compressor will not start but outdoor fan runs. Check for 24vac between R and C at screw terminals on mounting base. Replace Thermidistat Control. The table of Bryant Thermostat Troubleshooting, which will tell better than any printed instructions, what to do while malfunction of an apparatus, is presented below for you. min., 4.0 - 6.0 nominal). This Bryant forced-air, natural gas furnace that's about 2 years old. Incorrect damper actuator wiring or inoperative economizer circuit board. Check to ensure that 24 vac is present at terminal C1 on the IFC or that 24 vac is present at the IFO terminal. Founded in 1904, Bryant has been manufacturing home climate control systems for over 100 years. Bryant Furnace Repair Help. Came out on 9/7/2019 stated it was Cooper in ground being wet needed to dry it out and move water coming from drain pipe to be dry. This condition could occur from the system being turned off during an exceptionally warm period or upon installation when the thermostat has been stored for a long period of time in a warm vehicle or location prior to being installed. Check voltage potential across batteries. Check fuse, circuit breaker and thermostat wiring as appropriate to verify AC power is available. Perform the Zone Airflow Limit Checkout procedure, raise airflow limit setting, if possible, Some zones provide too much airflow and are noisy, 1. Lower thermostat setting below room temperature. Air Conditioner Bryant 180B Product Data. Furnace Fails to Operate and No Fault is Signaled. - Inadequate combustion air supply (Flame Roll-out Switch open). Page 17 Fig. If a minimum of 18 vdc is present and the motor is still not operating, replace the motor. IGNITION PROVING FAILURE - Control will try three more times before lockout #14 occurs. Check wiring and heat pump defrost control board. And we've made them easier to find than ever before. Check whether 24 vac is present at PL6-1 (red wire) and/or PL6-3 (black wire). Compressor protection features may be in effect due to compressor short cycle conditions. To reset: Put setup switch "SW-1" in the "ON" position nad jumper thermostat terminals "R", "W/Wl" and "Y/Y2" simultaneously with the door switch pushed in and power to the unit "ON". If this fault occurs in conjunction with fault #44 check wiring to motor otherwise. Do not try to do any repair if you are not a specialist! If display still reads “Indoor Unit Not Found”, disconnect accessories and all devices from ABCD and connect User Interface directly to indoor unit with a short piece of thermostat wire. Either run or start capacitor could be bad, or start relay could be bad. Possible Cause And Action: Low -pressure switch or discharge temperature switch trip. The blower motor looks like it is having problems. Dryed up area with rocks and topsoil through code about 230-300pm. Blower will run for 4 minutes or until open switch remakes whichever is longer. It is possible that AC power is not present at the thermostat and the back-up batteries are fully discharged. Thermostat will not allow me to program a setpoint temperature higher than 90° F (32‘ C). 1. Need help finding your model number? Fault: Low Pressure Switch or Discharge Temp Switch Open. If OAT, EC, and control board are functioning and wired properly and no 24 vac exists, check wiring. Compressor and outdoor fan will not start. The temperature sensed by the thermostat is lower than the 40˚ F (5˚ C) lower limit of the thermostats display range. If the room seems to be colder than usual, turn on the heating system to raise the temperature as needed for comfort within the room. Check filter and replace if necessary. Press and hold the right side button for 3 seconds. Video. to ICM motor (16 & 5 pin connections). The thermostat should be allowed to warm up prior to installation to allow proper heating control once installed. This indicates that the system is turned off at the thermostat. LIMIT SWITCH LOCKOUT- Indicates the occurrence of 10 successive limit trips during high heat or three successive limit trips during low heat. 2. LED CODE Solution; 11: NO FAULT IN RECENT HISTORY DISPLAY- Indicates no faults … Evolution controller Made from 2013-2016 Made from 2016- current Digital display shows fault codes in plain English. Fault: Outdoor Air Temp Sensor Fault Bryant dealers are known for great service and a reputation for doing Whatever It Takes ® to keep you and your family comfortable. Code 37 – Heater output sensed On when not energized (User interface will only display the pop-up message, modifications to fan/staging operation will not occur) Code 44 – Motor Communication Fault (version 10) Code 41 – Blower Motor Fault (version 10) Furnace generated System Malfunction events: Code 13 – Limit Circuit Lockout Most Common Problems. i am experiencing a "system malfunction" and the fault reads "outdoor sensor error" i have had several "pros" come and long story short, they are clueless. System is stuck in defrost. Economizer operation limited to minimum position. Thermostat does not turn on heating or cooling system. Economizer damper does not close on power loss. Fault: Control Fault. If 24 vac is not present, check wiring. ^Improper high or low heat qas input adjustment. - Check to be sure blower access panel is properly in place. Move the system selector switch to the HEAT or COOL position. 1. SETUP ERROR- Indicates setup switch "SW-1" or "SW-6" is positioned improperly. Press the ADVANCED button for at least 10 seconds. If you've scheduled an appointment with your local Bryant ® dealer to come to your home to discuss new products or service your existing system, you've made a great choice. After verifying that the OAT and EC settings and the economizer control board wiring are correct, check to ensure that the 24 vac terminal of the SAT has 24 vac (white wire). 2. If 24 vac is not present, check wiring. Recheck wiring to ABCD on all devices. 1. Safety Considerations ................................................................................. 1. I made a mistake on the start-up screens, and hit the right-side button to get to the run mode. Reassemble, making sure pins on board engage sockets in mounting base. Bryant's most popular heating and cooling systems are split unit systems that include an air conditioner, gas furnace, ventilator, evaporator coil, humidifier and air cleaner. Repair as necessary. Thermostat turns heating or cooling system on too often or not often enough. Faults will alternate between E-codes and fault in English. On carrier / Bryant furnaces there is a red Led light behind a small window that will blink a two digit code. Check for: - Restricted vent - Proper vent sizing - Loose blower wheel - Excessive wind - Dirty filter or restricted duct system. See Installer Setup to force HUM or DEHUM. Check for 24VAC between the C and D terminals at Evolution Zone Control terminal connector and Damper Control Module. How do I get back to start-up? The following combinations will cause the fault: ^Thermostat call with "SW-1" "ON", or Thermostat call with "SW-6" "ON", or "SW-1" and "SW-6" both "ON" together. BLOWER CALIBRATION LOCKOUT- Indicates RPM calculated for low heat was less than 250 RPM or greater than 1300 RPM on two successive attempts. - Check for blown fuse and possible short in 24-v wiring. Heat Pump may be malfunctioning. If LED2 reappears, replace main control board. If open longer than 3 minutes, code changes to lockout #13. question to anyone who knows Bryant Evolution systems. If flame signal lost during blower on-delay period, blower will come on for the selected blower off-delay. The Evolution series is Bryant’s top line of furnaces; this series was included in the Evolution lineup as late as 2010. The furnace fires about 2 minutes only and cut the gas. 805. Blocked outdoor coil or dirty air filter. Insufficient indoor airflow (cooling mode). Recover refrigerant, evacuate system, and recharge to nameplate. INVALID BLOWER AIRFLOW SELECTION- Indicates improper "A/C" or "CF" switch setting. If the CHECK status indicator light is lit, call a professional service technician to confirm heat pump operation and provide necessary service. If the indoor fan and economizer motor are energized, verify that there is a minimum of 18 vdc at the positive motor terminal. 1. Compressor makes excessive noise. Economizer control board incorrectly wired or not functioning. - Defective switch or connections. Disconnect jumper and place setup switch in the "OFF" position. PRESSURE SWITCH DID NOT CLOSE OR REOPENED - If open longer than five minutes, inducer shuts off for 15 minutes before retry. - Check for blocked return-air or supply-air grilles. Clean or replace filter and then press VACATION and HOLD/END buttons together to reset. The temperature sensed by the thermostat is higher than the 99* F (37” C) upper limit of the thermostats display range. Check thermostat wiring to make sure that the fan control wiring is connected to the correct terminals on the wiring terminal block. Recheck wiring to ABCD connector on outdoor unit. Check for: - Control ground continuity - Flame sensor must not be grounded - Oxide buildup on flame sensor (clean with fine steel wool), - Proper flame sense microamps (.5 microamps D.C. Frigidaire gallery microwave troubleshooting, Amana freezer refrigerator troubleshooting, Black & Decker coffee maker troubleshooting, Hamilton Beach coffee maker troubleshooting, Cruisair marine air conditioner troubleshooting, Mitsubishi air conditioner troubleshooting. Manage your Evolution … This can be changed to disable this feature or shorten the time period if desired. The first problems with a Bryant Thermostat device often appear several weeks or months after the purchase, when many cannot find documents for the equipment. Dirty air filter (cooling) or dirty outdoor coil (heating). Make sure zone module 1 - 4 has the DIP switches set to the left. Last one I had the relay on the board that energizes the start relay was stuck closed, which kept the start capacitor in the circuit, causing the board to sense a voltage differentiation between VS and L2. I have a bryant evolution control system for my Hybrid 90%Plus gas furnace and Heat pump which is showing a F=fault and system malfunction, any suggestions on finding the problem with the system using … read more If not, Disconnect all wires . 11 possible causes and potential solutions . After the compressor short cycle protection 5-minute period expires the system should start within several seconds. Status Code 42 - Inducer Motor Fault. 1. 1. It is ozone-friendly and is very quiet in its processes. 1. The display will return to normal after the sensed temperature rises within the 40˚ to 99˚ F (5˚ to 37˚ C) display range. it keeps cycling in the manner until it reaches the temp set from the thermometer. Confirm that the 24 vac terminal of the SAT has 24 vac (white wire). See also: User's Information Manual. Reverse the 3-phase power leads as described in Start-Up. Verify that SW2 and SW4 are wired and working properly. The Bryant heat pump flash codes given in the tables and their descriptions are meant to give you the key to the possible problems you have with your heat pump. The default setting is 60 seconds. Thermostat turns on heating instead of cooling. This indicates that the system is turned off at the thermostat. The microprocessor has malfunctioned. (Follow start-up pro- cedures if you must reset switch or knob to ON position.). Compressor cycles (other than normally satisfying thermostat). Control says I have zones 5-8 but not 1-4. Check wiring diagram and rewire correctly. Code 14 is ignition lockouts. If 24 vac is not present, check wiring. light should be flashing. But this is how you would go about diagnosing one of these fancy VARIABLE SPEED inverter heat pumps\\a/c units. Determine cause. I have 15 years old Bryant 80% furnance attached to evaporator coil in the attic. Check that SW3 is properly making contact with the damper blade. I own a Bryant Model 355CAV060100 natural gas furnace that was installed in my house in 2010 and worked well for 2-3 years and then occasionally/rarely indicated a failure on the Evolution thermostat. If heating is required you can slide the system switch to EMER setting which will start the Emergency Heat source to provide heating until the heat pump can be serviced. Compressor motor burned out, seized, or internal overload open. Replace Thermidistat Control. The display will return to normal after the sensed temperature lowers within the 40’ to 99‘ F (5" to 37” C) display range. Carrier Unit throwing code: 82 suction overt emp lockout. Thermostat will not allow me to program a setpoint temperature lower than 45° F (7° C). Heat Pump can be connected with Evolution Connex to act as a dehumidifier. - Defective blower motor or capacitor. Place a call for Y1 and open the damper to the fully open position. Replace back-up batteries before re-programming thermostat to make sure you have back-up power. There was a huge number of those heat exchangers fail from rusting thru of the secondary … View solutions. This condition could occur from the system being turned off during a cold weather period or upon installation when the thermostat has been stored for a long period of time in a cold vehicle or location prior to being installed. 28. Thermidistat Control cannot properly read room temperature. (Follow start-up procedure if you open gas line. Thermostat turns on second (auxiliary) stage of heating or cooling too quickly or not quickly enough. Check refrigerant charge and indoor air flow. It seems to work well, but recently has started turning off before it gets to the temperature we've set for it. If not present, check wiring. INVALID MODEL SELECTION- Indicates model plug is missing or incorrect. If not present, check wiring. Control board needs to be replaced. Increase or decrease second (auxiliary) stage temperature differential setting as appropriate to provide the desired performance level. Thermostat will not follow program setpoints. - Check to make sure that all PVC pipes leading into the combustion-air intake and vent/ exhaust are free from any cracks and sags. If open less than 3 minutes status code #33 continues to flash until blower shuts of Flame rollout switch requires manual reset. The zone airflow limit may be set too high. Condensing air restricted or air short-cycling. Perform the following tests when OAT or EC is closed. 3. 4 possible causes and potential solutions . The zone airflow limit may be set too low. After the compressor short cycle protection 5-minute period expires the system should start within a minutes time. Clean the flame sensor, clean the condensate trap, verify that the filter, evaporator coil and secondary heat exchanger are clean, check the blower amperage, check the external static pressure to verify that you do not have an air restriction, inspect the primary and secondary … If code is flashing, unit will default tp closest allowable airflow. Make sure power is applied to the indoor unit, and the amber LED is lit on indoor control circuit board. Thermidistat Control cannot properly read outdoor temperature. Furnace not heating. Auto reset after three hours. Fan continues to run in cooling mode when the system has turned off. Check for 24VAC between the C and D terminal connector of outdoor unit. NO FAULT IN RECENT HISTORY DISPLAY- Indicates no faults have occurred within the last five cycles. Check that SW1 is in the NC (normally closed) position. I recommend having your furnace serviced. 3. Check thermostat wiring to make sure that the heating and cooling stages are connected to the correct terminals on the wiring terminal block. Amber Led Flash Code Fault Possible Cause and Action; On solid, no flash: None: Normal operation: Rapid continuous flashing: Standart Thermostat Control 288ANA/180ANA only: Unit being controlled by standart thermostat inputs instead of Evolution Control. Filter timer has expired. - Gas valve defective or gas valve turned off - Manual valve shut-off - Defective Hot Surface Ignitor - Low inlet gas pressure, - Inadequate flame carryover or rough ignition - Green/Yellow wire MUST be connected to furnace sheet metal, BLOWER OUTSIDE VALID SPEED RANGE- Indicates the blower is not operating at the calculated RPM. Here's what to expect during an appointment with your Bryant dealer: The Bryant Evolution Plus 95S furnace is a variable-speed condensing gas furnace that can achieve an AFUE rating of up to 95 percent. Recover refrigerant, evacuate system, and recharge. Thermostat turns on cooling instead of heating. Check for 24vac at equipment terminals. It can be connected to all Bryant thermostats! Turn on the cooling system or use other methods to lower the temperature accordingly. 4. SECONDARY VOLTAGE FUSE IS OPEN Check for: - Short circuit in secondary voltage (24VAC) wiring. Faulty outdoor-fan (cooling) or indoor-fan (heating) motor or capacitor. The Bryant Evolution® control can direct an entire advanced home comfort system to let you precisely manage comfort, humidity, ventilation and air purification from one source. This will allow the fan to run only when the heating or cooling system is turned on and running. 1. Check outdoor sensor and its wiring. Check system for leaks. 1. If the motor is not operating, replace the motor. Possible Cause And Action: Outdoor unit control board has failed. 1. Perform the Zone Airflow Limit Checkout procedure, lower airflow limit setting if pos- sible. Check current time of day, day of week program settings. Add other devices one at a time to determine where the communication issue exists, Display says “Outdoor Unit Not Found”, and I have a two-stage communicating outdoor unit. Also check the combustion-air intake and vent/ exhaust pipes on the outside of your home for blockage. Check fuse on indoor unit’s circuit board, 4. Check the resistance across the blue (RS-) & yellow (RS+) on motor. Make sure zone module 5-8 has the DIP switches set to the right. LIMIT CIRCUIT FAULT - Indicates a limit, or flame rollout is open. The thermostat is equipped with a mechanical high temperature safety switch that will turn off the system should the temperature exceed 99“ F (37* C). Check for ^Improper or misaligned limit and/or limit shield. A simple fix.. To clear recent fault history, put setup switch "SW-1" in the "ON" position and jumper thermostat terminals "R", "W/Wl" and "Y/Y2" simultaneously until an "11" is flashed. It should measure 102-105 Defective run/start capacitor, overload, or start relay. They enlist the most widespread technical problems and suggest possible causes and solutions. 1. Make sure to verify AM/PM indicator is accurately displaying desired time settings. Our product manuals are by no means "light" reading, but, along with our Bryant ® dealers, they are a great heavy-duty resource for any questions you may have. (Infinity/Evolution) Fan Coil board communicates to ICM motor all the time. After verifying that the wiring is correct, modulate the damper to the minimum position.

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