daphne saves harry fanfiction

A walk through the castle will shift the destiny of several people. A Fateful Walk by Shygui. I just saved them from one who is, though." Harry once again leaps without looking trying to save the life of a Slytherin witch he barely knows even after six years of school. “Ok…” Harry said slightly confused. No one missed the fact that Harry had taken members from each of the four houses most notably 3 Slytherins, 4 Ravenclaws, 3 Hufflepuffs and two Gryffindors, also Harry had accepted two prefects in Daphne and Hermione and the head boy and girl Cho and Roger into his new house. The list will divide the FANFICS depending on the years that they take place in the Harry Potter timeline (First year, second year, third year, fourth year, fifth year, sixth year, seventh year or future) Hope you find something new here All of these FANFICS are finished btw. Let’s continue our quest of discovering the best Harry Potter fanfiction stories of this year with 4 new entries! Sirius Black, Professor Lupin, and three women that I don't know are clearing up.' Harry found the four teens standing in the hall in an uncomfortable silence. "Come on Harry, it's us, your parents" James said calmly, he slowly got up and made a step toward Harry. Welcome everyone to my recollection of FANFICS regarding the ship of Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass. "You okay man?" Harry who never had a parental figure before instantly began calling Severus “Dad.” And Severus who literally enjoyed verbally abusing children two hours ago, gave Harry a cute nickname like “Duck.” We will give you a glimpse into what they are about – according to their authors – but we will allow you to be as surprised as we were upon reading them. Daphne said coldly. That shock snapped Harry out of the probe and into reality where Rishi was shaking him while his friends stood around in a circle. Comments: 17 Kudos: 223 Bookmarks: 78 Hits: 7129 To knowingly and willingly save the life of a Veela, is to become one yourself. Severus and Harry had known one another for all of 40 minutes. She got hit by a Cruciatus from Dolohov. Daphne smacked Rishi on the head and everyone headed outside with an awake Harry. Daphne was leaning on him, an arm around his shoulders and walking shakily. We've taken out everyone, I think. Harry let out a breath of relief as Hermione grasped his hand and squeezed tightly. Fanfiction Recent stories ... Harry," Daphne and Tracy said quietly as they embraced the wizard. Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor Ch 1, Harry Potter However, they were now father and son. Harry Potter saves a girl's life, and in so doing, saves the world. Daphne's life gets complicated when a moment of panic creates a public display of affection between her and Harry Potter. Finding a mutually beneficial arrangement, the two embark on a fake relationship - Harry seeking to win back Ginny while Daphne looks to save face with her ex-boyfriend. Starts GoF, No Bashing, Eventual Fem!Harry/Daphne Femslash. Veela Curse played straight. McGonagall followed Harry out and evaluated the scene in one glance. Language: English Words: 14,306 Chapters: 3/? Harry Potter (469) Daphne Greengrass (442) Hermione Granger (279) Draco Malfoy (195) Ron Weasley (185) Ginny Weasley (140) Neville Longbottom (116) Astoria Greengrass (113) Sirius Black (111) Luna Lovegood (110) Include Relationships Daphne Greengrass/Harry Potter (529) Hermione Granger/Harry Potter (85) Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley (74) Rishi appeared concerned "You passed out. Daphne was one moment away from going all Sleeping Beauty on you." 'Daph isn't really, though. When Daphne opened the door Harry saw his room was almost three times the size of his old room at the Dursleys. Try writing fanfiction. Harry yelled making Lily and Isobella jump. Daphne turned around and led them further down the hallway, “This one is your room.” It was the middle room of the set. 2 Newly Discovered Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories. After the final battle.

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