did rocks d xebec have a devil fruit

6. Edward Weevil will join Luffy’s Grand Fleet, God Valley Incident and Dragon’s Rise to Rebellion. I know many people have speculated that Teach could eventually come to possess Kaido’s Devil Fruit, should Kaido achieve that which he most desires in a glorious death – and perhaps now there is a thematic connection if Kaido’s devil fruit once belonged to Rocks D. Xebec. He is infamous for being the first known prisoner to break out of Impel Down, a massive underwater prison known for being inescapable. What if Big Mom came to possess the Mythical Fish Devil Fruit on God Valley because it once belonged to Rocks D. Xebec, who died during the incident? After seeing this picture and the black aura behind him I started thinking of chances that he is the user of Yami Yami no mi just like Teach.... Edit by moderator: Post Category changed to Predictions. Punny Name: He's a guy called Rocks D. Xebec. Kaido's Mythical Fish Devil Fruit belonged to Rocks D. Xebec - ONE PIECE Fanpage Interestingly, Big Mom in Chapter 999 alludes to the God Valley Incident. Interestingly, Big Mom in Chapter 999 alludes to the God Valley Incident. Saber of Xebec which shows that he is some how related with Xebec and his knowledge about yami yami no mi may have come after seeing him Xebec using this fruit to dominate grand line no only that but stand on equal footing with King of the pirates Gol D. Roger. Monkey D. Garpis aMarinevice admiral, who is the supporting character of One Piece. It’s still entirely possible Big Mom came to possess the devil fruit from someone else – perhaps the Celestial Dragons targeted on God Valley. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? Many fans are gunning for one thing in the context of Rock D. Xebec's devil fruit- the yami yami no mi to somehow tie into the whole BB might be Rock's son and such. I'm sure that Teach actually can have 1 more devil fruit and it … Ryokugyu: 65.3%: Kong: 10.9%: Momonga: 15%: Bastille: 6.1%: Which of the six powers,(rokushiki)allows the user to move at incredibly high speeds? 5. In most of his appearances, Kaido have shown to have a homicidal temper and is willin… Rocks was a member of the D family. I want to share some theories I have on the history of Rocks D. Xebec, Shanks, and the Celestial Dragons! Tigers were said to be on equal footing with Dragons, and that they were similar beings in terms of strength and will, but very different when it comes to values. It seems that Big Mom gave Kaido his mythical Devil Fruit on God Valley the day that the Rocks Pirates fell apart. Hey everyone! He was executed in his hometown Logue Town leaving the reason he is willing to be executed because of his illness (which cannot be cured). Forty years ago, Rocks appeared to have been a normally-proportioned humanoid, though he seemed to stand at around half the height of his immensely large (though not giant-sized) crewmates. Xebec is a type of ship and he is infamous for rocking the boat on an unprecedented scale. When she first pitched teaming up to Kaido she said he owes her a lifelong debt and we finally learn this chapter the deed for which Kaido owes Big Mom. However, Kaido's might just be Kaido because he's legitimately a dragon that ate a devil fruit thus no family name, LOL, idk! Luffy destroyed a city thanks to his devil fruit. Who is the only admiral that we have not seen their devil fruit? [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know Roronoa Zoro? When she first pitched teaming up to Kaido she said he owes her a lifelong debt and we finally learn this chapter the deed for which Kaido owes Big Mom. Garp got the title “hero” after he supposedly defeated Rocks D. Xebec. Spell My Name with an "S": "Rocks" or "Locks" for English fan translation and "Rox" for Viz. [OP QUIZ] Can you name the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger? Pizzaro yelled. The Ankoku Ankoku no Mi is a black grape fruit with a stem on top of it that is pointing stright upwards, It has purple dots all over it, Its insides are purple as well. Blackbeard is also a D. 7. Paramecia. Roger Power was the Weather Manipulation Devil fruitRoger and Dragon powers are the same#onepiece #theory Gold Roger or as People say now Gol D. Roger bounty has been revealed and we got to see the bounties of all the Yonkos and the one we were most excited about was Gol D. Roger bounty and it all got released in One Piece chapter 957.. One Piece chapter 957 revealed information about the legendary captain of Kaido, Big Mom, and Whitebeard. Gol D. Roger also known as Gold Roger, was a posthumous protagonist of the series One Piece. Ironically, Big Mom says Kaido owes her a lifelong debt, which likely implies that his possessing the Fish Fruit is somehow responsible for his survival. Man of Kryptonite: Imu a.k.a. Rocks is a former slave of Mariejois. Rocks D. Sage was a notorious pirate from roughly 60 years before the current storyline. While more so recently, people are now saying, may be it was Kaido's fruit. His bounty was 5,564,800,000. Sengoku says that Rocks D. Xebec was killed by Roger and Garp – and perhaps this isn’t a presumed dead situation. I’ve never been particularly partial to the idea of Teach taking Kaido’s Devil Fruit before, but at least this connection could make the idea a little more interesting. According to Garp, even after the Rocks Pirates lost their captain, they are still making a ruckus in the new world. Everyone and their mom are superhumans there. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. "That was Sovereign's Haki…WHAT DID YOU DO!" One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Wouldn't be surprised if Rocks had a stupid devil fruit that had him be revived in another body or something like that which is why Blackbeard can eat more than one devil fruit and also in a way gets guided all the time. Kaido’s Mythical Fish Devil Fruit belonged to Rocks D. Xebec, Chapter 999 is one of the most important Luffy Chapters in the entire Manga.

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