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. • Add cube and the other three tomatoes, the diced aubergine, and the remaining chopped onion. … Add salt to taste. Groundnut soup is one in every of delicacies within the life of Ghanaian nationals regardless of their ethnic historical past. Following are various Ghanaian Soup delicacies recipes that are enjoyed by many. Nanabiba 6 years ago. Put the chicken in a medium sized pot, add the chopped onion, scotch bonnet, the bouillon cube, salt and about 1 cup of water. 400g mix of on the bone and diced), 1 Smoked ‘Salmon’ (this is actually smoked mackerel but Ghanaians call it Salmon), 6 Large ‘Sea’ Snails (actually from the forest…), A cup of water to add to the mix when pounding. All I want today is this Light Seafood Soup, a fish stew popular in and around the coastal towns of Ghana, and indeed West Africa. Published. Add the remaining Kpakpo shito (Pettie belle chillies) and cook for a further 5 minutes. Powered by. My excitement of receiving these African ingredients was short lived,... Tomato stew is to a Ghanaian, what Passata is to an Italian. 2. Add water until it's a little above the quantity you want. Nov 5, 2015 - Serves 1 Ingredients Fufu Neat fufu Water Light Soup Whole tomatoes (4) Fresh red pepper (2-3) Onions (1 small sized) Meat (beef / goat / chicken) Maggi & salt Steps Fufu Pour 2 handfull of fufu powder into a clean dry pot and mix properly with water into a thick paste. Wash the leaves under running water and peel the leaves from the veiny stem. Labels: African food blogger, Ghana Food blogger, Ghanaian recipes., Lamb soup, Light soup, Mutton soup, Ndudu, Ndudu by Fafa, Pepper soup Ghana. Best served with steamed Okra, Fufu, Yam & Rice. But the slime can get icky. Cut the meat/chicken in desirable sizes and wash it well Peel the onions nicely and add to the content on the fire with the tomatoes also. Below are the ingredients required to prepare light soup. 10g garlic. Light soup is a popular soup in Ghana and other West African countries. Reply. Some people prepare it without the light soup base but I am yet to try that. Cooking time for chicken may vary according to the quantity. Watch how to prepare Goat Meat light soup on my YouTube channel, 'Ndudu by Fafa' below; Don't forget to subscribe, like the video and share. Half a kpakpo shito (or hot pepper) 10g ginger. 18.95K Views 0 Comments 24 Likes. Add the bay leaves and the tomato paste. PREPARATION. The light soup should be about ready. Not for the squeamish. Dec 13, 2015 - Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel today Im preparing Ghana light soup or pepper soup with lamb meat, feel free to prepare it with any meat you like. I urge every Ghanaian to promote Ghana positively to the rest of the world and support more local businesses. Ghanaian Fufu is commonly made by “pounding” cassava and unripe plantains together into a paste, which is then molded by hand into a ball shape and served with a special sauce/soup. and bring to a simmer. Ghana Light Soup Recipe. Light soup and Fufu (a mixture of Cassava and Plantain) on a Saturday or Sunday lunch, in Ghana, is what a roast is to the British on Sunday. Turnovers are pastries where... 'Jollof rice', is a popular West African dish which originated from the Wolof tribe of SeneGambia. Flip the content over or stir on occasion to ensure that the entire content is well steamed. The tomatoes and onion should be cooked through now. Steam the meat well as you know how tough our Billy and Nanny goats are. This comment has been … Video, 00:02:12 Lockdown recipes: Learn to cook this Ghanaian soup. Boil for about 20 minutes. Unknown 30 July 2015 at 20:35. Thank you. Some choose to sieve the tomatoes but that’s nutritious chaff being thrown away. Ghanaian soups are enjoyed by many the world over. Your Ghanaian fresh fish light soup is ready. Put off the heat whilst it is nicely steamed. This is a bit gross. Reply Delete. The stickiness is much reduced and the flesh almost feels dry. Add your fish and salt to taste. I particularly love my Mums way of making this dish, as it has a delicate and refreshing taste (compared to the bold flavours of most Ghanaian dishes). Top up with more water. Allow another 5-10 minutes for final cooking time. Put a desirable quantity of the groundnut paste in another cooking bowl(could be smaller) and mix with just enough water to make a very thick mixture and put on fire. Add the palm nut juice to the pot on the stove. You can also ask for this to be done at the market when you buy them but I wanted to film it so poor Evelyn had to do it at home…, At this point you should have a bubbling pot of palm nut on the hob – add your Kpapko peppers (I would pierce them to get the heat out of them but Evelyn added them as they were), Cook for a further 40 minutes until fish and meat are all tender. You may add a little water to create the steam. This recipe is going to teach you how to make light soup the Ghanaian way. Wash the river fish, which tends to have grains of sand stuck inside its gills and abdomen. Mix the paste well into the mutton and refrigerate overnight or at least for 2hrs . One thing about Ghanaian food is that sometimes it tends to be too spicy such that anyone not used to spicy food may have trouble with it. Light soup can be made with beef, Goat meat, Chicken, Lamb or Mutton. Mix till well combined and cook for a further 5 minutes, making sure you stir constantly. Chop your garden egg and okre. It’... All contents are by the owner of this blog. If you have cold or flu, just grab a bowl of hot light soup, sip gently and have some rest. I've taken the hassle away from making fresh Fufu, with a pounded texture but no pounding required. 11 May 2020. Wash under cold water and pour the lemon juice over it. Simple theme. Enjoy this classic, spicy Ghanaian Chicken soup with Fufu or bread. In the Eastern and Ashanti regions of Ghana, one meal guaranteed to work its wonder is fufu and goat light soup, the proud dish of the Akan. 4. After like 7-8 minutes, remove the garden egg, tomatoes, onions and pepper you added and blend with little water in a blender to a smooth paste and set aside (or pound in a mortar) Now add the tomato paste to the chicken and stock boiling. Boil the snails in the shell. 3 comments: Unknown 30 July 2015 at 20:35. HOW TO PREPARE GHANA LIGHT SOUP. Add the dry river fish so it cooks with the soup and take it out for later. How To Make Chicken Pepper Soup / Light Soup. It has been very helpful. People tend to enjoy it with Fufu which is labour intensive in its preparation, hence the choice of enjoying it at weekends, where one has more time. So get equipped now. Stir continuously while it's on fire until you start noticing the presence of oil forming on the mixture.That indicates the readiness of your groundnut to make the soup. Blend together tomatoes, onions and pepper. Well until the meat is covered and is half-way in the pan. This I find helps prevent the fish from dismantling. Cook slowly for about 30 minutes and add your tomato paste. 6 whole tomatoes. Ghanaians have a variety of soups but the simplest and commonest one is the light soup. Replies . Cut and place all of the assorted of fish and meat you want to use in the preparation of your soup in the cooking bowl or pot you want to cook in. Add your  fresh tomatoes and 1 whole onion and cook for a further 3 minutes. This comment has been removed by the author. 2. Mix it till the content is dissolved into the water and then use a colander to drain the mixture so that any undissolved content will be left behind into the pot with the steamed meat. Set aside. Spice up the goat meat with ginger and onions; preferably the night before. It is important to make sure they are well washed. Add the stock cube and stir. To Know the soup is ready, you'd notice oil forming on top of the soup and the flavour coming out nicely. *Serve with Fufu, Banku, Rice/rice balls, Gari etc. Empty the pounded nuts into a pot and rinse then sieve several times until you get a dark brown tinted orange juice with no chaff. Crumble your preferred cube into the sauce at this stage. Light soup is very easy to cook and it nicely pairs with fufu. 2 Large Tins of Palm Nuts (substitute with a can of condensed palm nut), 1Lb Beef (approx. A perfect addition to your Autumn and Winter menu. Ingredients for this recipe: Fresh chicken 1 Large onion 1 sweet pepper 1 chili pepper 1 tin of tomato plumbs 2 TB-spoon butter beans or garden eggs as … It also comes with the foods that are best served with these soups. The ultimate Cod recipe that you need to try. NOTE: You can steam to whatever time you want and also the level of steam and time it may take to steam largely depends on the amount of heat you apply. 2 onions. So am about to try that. Many have enjoyed various sumptuous soups that they would like to enjoy again by preparing it themselves or it has been a long while since they prepared some so as a result might need some guide as to how to go about it. • Place the mix on the meat with and marinade for 10 minutes. Place your saucepan on a medium heat and steam your meat in it's juices, (add a little water if needed). 8. Almost every household in Ghana, will buy fresh ingredients for their light soup on a Saturday morning. Add the seasonings you want very well put the content on medium heat to steam for approximately 10 mins. Ebunubunu is basically a Light Soup base mixed with smoothly blended Nkontonmire (cocoyam leaves) which naturally gives it that green color. Who doesn't li... Abolo or Ablo is a gluten free sweet and slightly sour, steamed dumpling which is popular amongst the Ewes of Ghana, Togo, Côte D’Ivoi... Meat Pies (popularly known in Ghana), are actually Meat Turnovers if we have to go by their definitions. Thank you. Here is a recipe that works. Put the content on the fire to simmer. Light soup is one of the favorite dishes in Ghana. The Giant African Snails are very slimy delicious creatures. Using a fine colander, pass the tomato and onion blend through into a bowl. I didn't know we use Ginger and Garlic for light soup but when I visited his site I have. How to make the best Ghana Light Soup | Pepper Soup - YouTube Add the remaining stock/ water to the blender. You need a long sharp, thin knife or metal skewer to stab through the middle, twist, lever and pull out. Recipes for various tasty and delicious types of Ghanaian soups and how they are prepared. Please read through and prepare yours at home, below are the various recipes for various Ghanaian soups: 1 aubergine (also known as a garden egg in Ghana). Remove your mutton from the fridge and place in a saucepan or clay pot. Wash all the fresh ingredients well. Allow the content to simmer till cooked but before taking out and grinding the tomatoes and onions when they are very soft and add it to the soup on fire for some minutes before the soup is ready. 9. Add 1.5 litres of your preferred stock  or water and cook for a further 15 minutes. Bring to a simmer over low heat for about 5 mins. Pour the blended tomato mix unto the steaming meats and stir for about 2 minutes and pour a generous amount of water into the pan. • Add the mixture to the meat and allow it to marinade for 10 minutes. 5. 5. Ingredients. Whilst you're delibera... A scoop of my freshly cooked Jollof rice, with a ladle of the Ghanaian Salad and grilled Chicken , was exactly what I wanted to taste. • Place the meat in a pan cook gently for 10 minutes. However first, let's get started with the ingredients you will need and also the precise utensils. 12. Boil on high heat for 20 minutes before taking out the tomatoes, onion, garlic, chillies and ginger. Listen to the crunch and savour the sweet softness of each bite.Be careful! Please read through and prepare yours at home, below are the various recipes for various Ghanaian soups: LIGHT SOUP (With goat meat/chicken) Ingredients: 500g diced goat or half a chicken, diced. It is one soup that majority of Ghanaians if not all like. In Ghana, the common Fufu dishes are Fufu with Light Soup, Fufu with Palm Nut Soup and Fufu with Groundnut Soup. 3. The recipe also touches on how to plate your dish beautifully. In essence it is the sauce/soup that really gives each Fufu dish its unique identity. . • Bring out the remaining onion and tomatoes you added and blend, then add to soup again, cover pan to a simmer. Pry them from the shell. Boil for less than 10 minutes. Cook for 30 minutes. Add 1 cube of Maggi for spicing. Chilli pepper aka Kpakposhito (as much as you desire), 1. All photos and recipes are by the  owner of this blog. Over a year ago, I was gifted Cassava and Plantain by my sweet Aunt. The Ghanaian Chicken light soup is a firm favourite mostly at weekends. Yeah, it tastes real good. How to Prepare various sumptuous Ghanaian Dishes. (Light soup is a spicy tomato based soup). • Put the meat in a pan cook it gently for 10 minutes. I will take you step by step via the guidance of this unique tasty soup. Remove onions and tomatoes and pass it through the blender, then add to soup again. Bite me! Fresh meat/chicken; onion; Tomatoes; Pepper; Garden eggs; Chicken seasoning; Salt; Method. Green is a sign of health isn't it? Give it a try, you will love it. Cook for 30 minutes. Ensure to stir properly… Lockdown recipes: Learn to cook this Ghanaian soup. As such, taking time to prepare a meal like simple light soup with fish can be a relief to many especially those that do not want spicy food. But don't steam over very high heat. Add your strained juice to the mutton and cook for a further 20-25 minutes. This Ghanaian light seafood stew is a delicious and versatile soup that lights up the taste-buds, and perfect for those cold evenings as a starter or light lunch or dinner. Add the meat, onion, garlic, salt and tomatoes to a large pot and steam on medium-high heat until juices start to clear and water is forming in the pot. • Add tomato puree and let it simmer for 10 minutes. 11. Discover how to make classic Ghanaian cuisine, with this recipe for a traditional favourite - chicken light soup, or goat light soup - Time Out Accra Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over them and work it through with your hand for about 2 minutes. It is simple and easy to prepare,its usually served with fufu or rice. Blend these together and return to pot. »Any pot or cooking bowl large enough the way you want, »Asanka*(Earthenware pot)/Blender(if you want). 4. Wash and cut the chicken and chop one onion into cubes. Stir and add the … Fufu is a staple food across West Africa but in Ghana, it is made by pounding a mixture of boiled cassava and plantains into a soft sticky paste to go along with aromatic and spicy tomato soup. Add salt to taste, wait till it dissolves. I have searched for real Ghanaian recipes online and am now getting it. Prepare ghana light soup. Every typical Ghanaian or African man would recommend it after a day’s hard labor. Add the fish in chunks you like the size of, Remove snail from shell. Add 500ml of water and simmer until the meat is gently cooked. Taste the mutton to make sure it's tender. It is not difficult to prepare and it is very appetizing and works smoothly with well-pounded fufu. Don't burn your tongue. Light Soup with fufu. In a large pot, combine all the ingredients with 1,5 litres of water. Place a deep saucepan on the stove and add the goat meat. Pound the palm nuts in a large pestle and mortar for about 10-15 minutes until the bowl and ‘chaff’ is a bright orange and the seeds have come out of their shell. Pour in the blended Nkontonmire. It has been very helpful. 6. Add a little water and blend to a smooth paste. In a blender add the ginger, 1 chopped onion, garlic, carom seeds and 10g of Kpakpo shito. Wash well and trim any gross bits, remove head. 10. Dice the onion and garlic. Remove the tomatoes and onion and place in a blender. AUTHENTIC OKRA SOUP RECIPE (The best kept secret of the Ewe tribe), THE PERFECT GROUNDNUT SOUP RECIPE (NKATIE KWAN). Season to flavor. Blend very smoothly, and set aside. Ingredients needed for light soup. Add extra water to the groundnut after 'frying' it and mix together with your hands thoroughly. I have searched for real Ghanaian recipes online and am now getting it. 1.5 kg of mutton cut into sizeable chunks (ask your butcher to cut into your preferred chunks), 20g of de stalked kpakpo shito Ghanaian chillies ( Pettie Belle), 3 litres of Chicken stock (your preferred stock) or Water, Alternatively you can use 2 Bouillon cube. • Wash ginger, garlic, chilli, one of the onions and three of the tomatoes, drain, place in blender, season, and blend to a paste. the ghanaian seafood light soup recipe The French have 'Bouillabaisse' and Ghanaians have Light soup, however my favourite is my Mums version with freshly caught Tilapia, 'Akpa detchi'. Wash and clean your mutton and place in a bowl.

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