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Marge asks the devil to come back for her sisters later, and the devil agrees, telling Marge she bought herself 30 years but after that, he will come back to take her favorite child. [6] Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, the authors of the book I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide, praised Fierstein's performance, saying the episode was "brought to life by the superb character of Karl, helped no doubt by Harvey Fierstein's unique vocal drawl. He tries to change things back, but fails and settles for a reality close to his own. In a parody of The Greatest Story Ever Told, the Springfield citizens go to see the activation of Springfield's Subatomic Supercollider, which was built instead of a new baseball stadium, due to lobbying of Lisa. Then, he convinces young Marge to not marry young Homer, which she agrees to. The doorbell rings and at the door is Homer, who has come to take his life back. [2] When Homer meets Mr. Burns in the executive washroom, Burns shows his admiration for German World War II General Erwin Rommel, saying he watched a documentary on the 'Desert Fox' the night before. At an executive board meeting, Burns asks Homer to suggest a way to increase worker productivity. Their plan is to come back with more Homers and start fresh in the morning. The F/V Time Bandit is out of retirement. He says, "that if anyone finds this footage, after we're missing or dead they should remember him as a hero". In Time and Punishment, Homer repeatedly travels back in time and alters the future. The black hole sucks up Maggie's pacifier and sucks it, going off into the distance and leaving Maggie knowing she stopped the black hole. Mr. Burns scans the security monitors to find someone to promote to an executive position. Lisa asks the family if anyone threw anything in it and family denies. Maggie levitates, is put into a baby carrier, and a bag is placed on the baby carrier, which a bottle has been put into. Then Lisa spots Snowball V is missing and Santa's Little Helper shrugs too. Before the meeting, Karl appears with a prepared speech for him to deliver and reassures Homer that all his accomplishments were due to his will and effort, not the hair. Homer's hair product Dimoxinil is a spoof on a similar product, Minoxidil, which fascinated the writers. Homer: But I’m not a genius… Sämtliche der im Folgenden gelisteten Dr homer sind jederzeit in unserem Partnershop auf Lager und zudem in weniger als 2 Tagen in Ihren Händen. Homer wakes up, says "hello" to Marge, hears her growling and tries to take her to have sex with him. Bart then skates down another hall and sees Patty and Selma, who tell him, "They're right, y'know." Going back in time again, Homer sneezes and gives all the dinosaurs a cold which causes them to become extinct. Sämtliche in der folgenden Liste getesteten Dr homer sind sofort im Netz im Lager und somit extrem schnell bei Ihnen zuhause. The episode was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Rich Moore, and guest starred Harvey Fierstein as Karl.[2]. Professor Frink activates the machine and it works, but nothing exciting happens, and everyone blames Lisa for her suggestion. Homer tells Marge to not act like it's the first time someone mentioned that to her - but that backfires, because it is the first time someone has said that to her. He wasn't going to let his father die this time. Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure title card. Groening had originally intended to design Karl to look like Fierstein, who objected to the idea because he felt he did not "look like gay people, how they're supposed to look." Subscription Service Archive-It enables you to capture, manage and search collections of digital content without … After applying the drug, Homer wakes up the next day with a full head of hair. The aliens' favorite magazine is the Presidents' Day mattress blowout sale insert and their favorite food is banana peels. After everyone leaves, two particles collide with each other and create a small black hole which floats off. He grabs his myPhone to check his future. It ended on November 8, 2012. Wenn Sie auf dieser Seite haben, texten Sie unserer Redaktion sehr gerne! The line was later changed from "non-fictional" to "non-Brazilian". ", During the second season, The Simpsons aired Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Fox, the same time as The Cosby Show on NBC. Homer then invites the United Federation of Homers Through History and Artie and Bartie roll their sleeves up and clench their fists. In a parody of Paranormal Activity, Homer sets up a camera at 11:15 AM near the mirror filming himself, and says that strange things happen in the house. Artie greets Bartie and tells him to enjoy his luxurious life - and his own bully butler - Nelson Muntz. Then, he sees a shop window, where Itchy and Scratchy is played on huge screen TV's, and gets shocked, when sees an ad for Thursday Night Football. [4] The character Karl was played by openly gay actor Harvey Fierstein. References This page was last changed on 3 September 2020, at 22:34. Opening - The Simp-Mayans witness a prediction that the world will end in 2012. Chief Wiggum then passes the street, asleep on a Segway. Homer tells the citizens of Springfield to shoot at the zombies' graves, causing them to rise up and flee. - See if Du can answer this Die Simpsons trivia question! Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Frink asks Bart to hold his keys while he grabs some lunch, but Bart gets in the car and travels back to 1974. Groening was confused as to the reason … The story was called "Time and Punishment." At first, his normal future picture disappears, making Bart think he won't exist anymore, but after that, a picture of him appears, standing near fancy house, which Bart claims 'a hell of a better life'. Treehouse of Horror XXIII Event was a halloween-themed event released on October 12, 2012. Bart gets back to present, and young Homer jumps in the time machine's trunk. Season 28. "Simpson and Delilah" is the second episode of The Simpsons' second season. Directed by Steven Dean Moore, Mike B. Anderson. Marge cries and tells the family that when she was an 8-year-old girl, she saw her 15-year-old sisters Patty and Selma in the attic hailing Satan. To prevent this event, a human sacrifice is about to take place. All of his power was lost when his long hair was cut, similar to what happens to Homer when he loses back his hair. Both of them … At around 3:08 AM, the bedroom door opens and the duvet is lifted off the bed and onto the floor. While young Homer is in the present, he claims his life is ruined, but after that, he sees a poster for Ken and Harry's Cookie Dough Ice-Cream. However, viewer-wise, The Simpsons won with 29.9 million viewers. Smithers learns that Homer committed insurance fraud to receive Dimoxinil and attempts to get him fired. In it, you could buy a cemetery, another pet, shop House of Evil, the Bad Dream House, etc..There was also a set called as the chapter that were Kang, Burns Monster, Mayan God, Mayan Talking Homer, The Raven, Krusty Doll, etc. Before Artie Ziff is wiped from existence too, seeing Homer and Marge kiss, he sadly begs Marge if he could kiss one last time, seconds before he disappears. Marge reminds him that his job as a safety inspector has always provided for the family and the kids will get over having less than their friends. By Bill Baer Jun 18, 2018, 5:27 PM EDT. When Homer has trouble finding a secretary who is not a seductive young woman, a man named Karl persuades Homer to hire him. Production Code Homer catches Bart using his Dimoxinil in a misguided attempt to grow a beard, causing him to drop the bottle and spill its contents. Young Homer says that he traveled through space and time to make Marge settle for him because she doesn't know better. - See 775 traveler reviews, 304 candid photos, and great deals for Homer, AK, at Tripadvisor. [15] Present Homer tells the guys to regroup - even though he's in a tree. Burns exclaims "now there was a man who could get things done! When the prank goes off, Homer sees Maggie, who looks like Bart, and shouts "Why you little!". Astonishing as it is, almost 700 episodes of The Simpsons have been created over 31 seasons. Karl soon proves indispensable to Homer and gives him a makeover to replace his cheap polyester suit with a well-tailored one, and that an executive needs to project self-confidence, not slouch in his seat. The first time Homer travels back in time, he was originally supposed to state "I'm the first non-fictional character to travel backwards through time". Homer: Come on, Bart. Fanpop quiz: After going back in time and killing a mosquito, Homer returns to the present to find which Springfield resident rules the world ? Homer asks the devil if there is another deal he can accept. The aliens say that they listen to music on the most wonderful device ever created - The Zune. fanpop quiz: After going back in time and killing a mosquito, Homer returns to the present to find which Springfield resident rules the world ? Homer's final look was inspired by Miami Vice. But then-Homer travels to 2012 with now-Bart, who’s now the son of Artie Ziff, and meets now-Homer. Artie says that he knew this would happen, so he mastered Brazilian jujitsu. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für to go back in time im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch). In Homer and Marge's bedroom, Marge wakes up, walks around and watches Homer for 4 hours. While trying to fix it, Homer accidentally upgrades the toaster into a some kind of time machine that transports him into the era of dinosaurs. When Homer's bald head sprouts a full mane of hair, he is promoted at work and hires a secretary named Karl. But Marge, Homer and Bart secretly throw junk at the black hole - Marge puts their grease (because it attracts raccoons) and Bart tries to put his math homework in, but the black hole doesn't accept it, so he puts Edna Krabappel in the black hole. They would both survive and stop the undertaking together. The Little Mermaid: Went back 3 times in 4 days!! Bart adds that it's impossible, but when he looks at a Fantastic Foreshadowing comic (it was written "The Boy Who Went Back to 1974", showing Bart in a red car on the cover), he stepped outside, where suddenly he saw a red car come out of nowhere and Professor Frink stepping out of it, telling Bart that is a time machine. Burns threatens to fire Homer, but admits he sympathizes with him since he also suffers from male pattern baldness and knows what the condition does to a man. "Simpson and Delilah" is the second episode of The Simpsons' second season. Special Guest Voices The nerds help Homer to "cram like you've never crammed before! the day after the episode aired, his response was "he's whatever you want him to be." Frosty Krusty Flakes are what got him where he is today. When he forgets his own wedding anniversary, Karl hires a singing telegram service to serenade Marge with "You Are So Beautiful". Dr. Seuss - A Classic Treasury Seuss: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Despite his father's advice not to touch anything in the past to avoid disturbing the future, he can't seem to avoid killing things ("I wish, I wish I hadn't killed that fish"). Caveman Homer then grunts while trying to speak normally, and Marge says that she meant him as well. Deadliest Catch fans are starting to notice something pretty big happening on social media. and is told by Glutton's wife to put a sack over his head and to go into the room of pleasure, which is actually the balcony where Glutton would've been executed; instead the Priest gets executed and his head bounces onto the ground, where kids start kicking him as a ball. In the Halloween 1994 episode of The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror V, Homer Simpson goes back in time over and over and accidentally kills things, changing the present each time. The Egyptian Slave Homer grumbles, because it's always him and the other Homers laugh. David Mandel and Brian Kelley Marge: Homer, you’re going too. Your mother’s only trying to help. The purpose of the appearance was to introduce a gay couple that Homer would live with. [4] The production staff tried to give Homer a new hairstyle in each scene after he grows hair, which started with his long hair, then changed into a 1970s small afro, then a close-cropped 1950s haircut, and finally a moussed 1980s hairdo with a small ponytail. Comic Book Guy tells Bart that the only way to purchase the comic at the cover price is to go back in time to 1974. "[14], Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer, named it his favorite episode of the show together with "Lisa's Substitute" and "Homer the Heretic". "The Shinning" is a parody of The Shining where the Simpsons become the winter caretakers of Mr. Burns' mountain lodge and Homer goes insane and tries to murder the family. No! Credits. The line was later changed from "non-fictional" to "non-Brazilian". Jim McIsaac/Getty Images. "[17] Entertainment Weekly named Fierstein's role as Karl as one of the sixteen best guest appearances on The Simpsons. go back in time (third-person singular simple present goes back in time, present participle going back in time, simple past went back in time, past participle gone back in time) To talk about history or the past. I had a lot of fun looking at all my old channel designs and more! It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 18, 1990. Homer tries to tell them that this is only old junk, rather than treasures, but Marge covers his mouth and tells to aliens to enjoy it. He also says that someone made a deal with the devil and the devil wants his due. - See if you can answer this os simpsons trivia question! Homer tells off Bart because it was love at first sight and he ruined it. The next morning, black hole grows bigger and sucks up lots of the Simpson's stuff. A black hole threatens to swallow Springfield, Homer tries to find the source of paranormal activity, and a "Back to the Future" parody in which Bart keeps Marge from marrying Homer. Homer, horrified, then strangles Bart while shouting "Why you little! Soon, they start to destroy the world, it blows up, and "TREEHOUSE OF HORROR XXIII" comes out of what is left of the world. PABF17[1] The Greatest Story Ever Holed - The Springfield's Subatomic Supercollider creates a miniature black hole that endangers the town. I liked the line that was cut out of this clip where Homer's dad tells him on his wedding night that if he ever goes back in time, he shouldn't step on anything! In the present, Homer asks Marge which Baktun it is and Marge answers: the 13th. 510 Opera Homer says that Egyptian Slave Homer should do it. fanpop quiz: After going back in time and killing a mosquito, Homer returns to the present to find which Springfield resident rules the world ? The Simpsons - Homer goes thru all 5 Kubler-Ross stages in record time. Marge and Homer sing "You Are So Beautiful" together in each other's arms. Bart & Homer's Excellent Adventure - In a spoof of Back to the Future, when Bart's trip back to 1974 to buy a comic book when it first comes out has some unintended side effects - Bart tells 1974 Marge not to go out with Homer, and when Bart and 1974 Homer return to the present, Marge is married to Artie Ziff. [12], This episode was placed twenty-third on Entertainment Weekly's top 25 The Simpsons episodes list. "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" is the second episode of Season 24. Homer gives a brilliant speech on the Japanese art of self-management, but the audience refuses to take him seriously because he has no hair and walks out on him. Pantyhose. You're going to strangle the baby!" [16], Harvey Fierstein is number two on TV Guide's "All-time Favorite Guest Voices. Homer: Oo, look! Original Airdate In Nightmare Cafeteria, ... Bart is skateboarding in the halls, turns a corner, and sees Sherri and Terri, who sing, "Your Daddy's going to kill you!" By the time he was 29 — Mike’s age now — Carl had played more than 1,200 games. His wife tells him, that she will be lonely once he is sacrificed, but Glutton says that he never said anything about sacrificing himself.

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