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Discover new contacts and explore fast opportunities Music supervisors are NOT looking for music that is simply great! Browse Looking Songs by Season. Music Supervisors are paid per project. Music supervisors are looking for whatever music works best with a particular scene. Have a unique presentation. Get started now. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. Beth Urdang. As the profile of music supervision has risen over the past decade, so has the growth of the Guild of Music Supervisors, which hands out its annual awards in … Get familiar with them. Artists in Motion. Match your song catalog by genre, music buyer and much more. Most music supervisors work as freelancers on a project-by-project basis. The most talented music makers from all corners of the globe, ready and poised. Find all 209 songs featured in Looking Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Our membership also caters for rights holders, composers, artists and bands looking to support our craft and growth their knowledge across the sync marketplace. You pay nothing because we only make money when you do. Music Supervisors are at the mercy of the ‘labels’ that control the flow. Dana Sano. The Agency Group - Music Supervisors. Artist: Jane Siberry. Toggle navigation. Video Game Music Supervisors Looking for Music - Accepting Submissions. They have interns that place ads on Craigslist looking for music without paying ONE CENT for it. Likewise, writing a song about tires, for the sole purpose of placing it in a Goodyear commercial, probably won’t get you very far. Listing a few key description terms like genre and mood is a great idea. Find out about 1,000+ of real film & TV projects looking for music that are updated every week and are cross-referenced to the right music buyers. Best Music Supervision TV Drama, Guild of Music Supervisors, Narcos 2016. Of course, there are MILLIONS of songs out there, so finding the right one is no easy task. What are Music Supervisor’s Looking For? I t’s important that you know who you are pitching to and what shows or films they have coming up. Production Engineers. Linda Kordek. We still do custom searches, but then you're in a hurry to start the process, think InstaSearch. FULL ACCESS TO TV, FILM, ADVERTISING, MUSIC SUPERVISORS, TRAILER HOUSES AND VIDEO GAMES FOR ONE PRICE. They are in charge of interpreting the producer’s vision (which can be rather abstract), finding the right track, and negotiating the contract with the artists. Free to sign up & upload all of your music. tunefind . In 2001, Jordan founded Format Entertainment as a collaborative workplace for like-minded music supervisors to share ideas, experiences and pool resources. Emmy nom, Outstanding Music Supervision, Watchmen 2020. Finding, clearing or creating the right music for your brand. Music Supervisors. Our A&R people have been vice presidents and directors of A&R at major labels, indie labels, music publishers, Grammy-winning songwriters and producers, Hollywood music supervisors, music coordinators from hit TV shows, and music library experts. Music Supervisor of The Year, Guild of Music Supervisors 2012. MENU. Check the details of our membership tiers which cover fully qualified music supervisors, early stage supervisors, music consultants, music clearance and co-ordinators. Lynnette … How to find and approach music supervisors to get your music licensed. Watch their ads, shows, and films. Since we are still actively researching technical roles, we consider this chart to be in beta mode. When emailing music supervisors, be as short and to the point as possible. Be fluent in how music is being used, know the common practices in the field, and embed this knowledge into all the strategies discussed below. Video: The Breakdown What are music supervisors looking for? Research . 03. They are busy people and the less time they have to spend digging for information, the better. S. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Follow. Zenden - Music Supervisors. We also work as exclusive ‘out of house’ music supervisors for several of the leading London-based trailer houses as well as freelancing with others. On average, a Music Supervisor can expect to earn $54,100 annually. You get 100% of the backend performance royalties. They have built up a wide network of music supervisors in the UK, Hollywood and beyond in order to ensure their roster is being heard by the top execs and key influencers in this space. I know a couple of music supervisors, especially in the advertising and trailer music world, that are employed by a production company or agency. 5 THINGS MUSIC SUPERVISORS ARE LOOKING FOR IN YOU AND YOUR MUSIC. First DJ to play at The Academy Awards 2007 Stephanie Diaz-Matos. Music supervisors oversee the music-related aspects of TV, films, and video games. Of course, there are MILLIONS of songs out there, so finding the right one is no easy task. Musync is a San Francisco artist driven music licensing company that is widely used by music supervisors looking for pre-cleared indie music. Just give us 30 days notice. Renee Travis . Music supervisors have to get an idea of the mood, energy, and style that would best fit the video, and then try to come up with the best musical options for that scene. Music that’s both right and great is what music supervisors are really looking for! Get started now. Music Supervisors looking for music & songs for TV, Film, Movies, Commercials. Have other people pitch your music and if they place it you don’t owe us anything. G. Marq Roswell. Ultimately, you really want them to be able to tell exactly how your music sounds from just the subject line. Home; InstaSearch; Projects; Artists; About; Our Book; InstaSearch . Projects from Major Studios & TV Networks. While we make every effort to collect all available data, there are inevitably omissions and errors. 89.9 KCRW radio host and DJ from 1991 to 2020. We don’t re-title tracks. Ron Proulx. We Split the upfront money 50/50. These guys know their tech from their spec, and will make the over-all vision sound as good as you imagined. Most music supervisors service directors by helping them match a post-production budget with the appropriate music to parallel the directors’ sensibility and the scene’s required mood. Music supervisors oversee the music-related aspects of TV, films, and video games. 35Sound - Music Supervisors. Music Licensing. The table includes data for movies in The Numbers database. Martial Arts specialists. It’s actually a much trickier job than you may think. Feature. ALSO INCLUDED: Skill up on the best ways to reach out to music supervisors - know when to contact and know what to say. Search over 400 music supervisors - Get in direct contact with active music supervisors – people that are actually working on projects. Once they figure out what fits, they pre-clear the songs by getting synchronization license contracts with the artists and labels. Feature. Also, search phrases like “music supervisors looking for music.” Once you know names, Google them for more information. TV Shows; Movies; Games; Trending Music; Blog; Sign In; Join; Looking Soundtrack. These 5 things are the components of a word I hear over and over again from Supervisors in describing the type of music and artists they are looking for… “sync-able.” Sync-able doesn’t just refer to lyrics and melodies. Industry legends, who help you start to finish. They are in charge of interpreting the producer’s vision, finding the right track, and negotiating the contract with the artists. Stephanie was the music supervisor for the 2016 Netflix show about the music history of the Bronx in the 70s “The Get Down,” which has one of the best soundtracks any TV show has had in quite a while. Woman of Impact, Variety 2010. First, researching and submitting to music libraries is a great way to discover the world of music licensing, to understand what kind of music is being used on TV and film, what a license agreement looks like, how you get paid and all that super important information that you’ll need to know if you’re going to start making decent money. Learn more A music supervisor is the head of the music department on a film, tv show, or commercial, and selects and licenses music for the production. Music Supervisors / Music Supervisors Looking for Music and Songs / Music Supervisors looking for Music & How to Submit to Music Supervisors - Music Supervisors list, contacts and directory Play Song . Like many jobs in the film music industry, the amount paid can vary widely. Non-Exclusive. MAKE SYNC MY #1 … Rupert Hollier, Creative Director/Music Supervisor – Redfive & Co-head of Sponsorship GMS: For me of things I’ve watched recently, it would have to be the use of “The End of the World” by Herman’s Hermits at the end of Episode 3 of The Queen’s Gambit. If your music comes from the heart, your odds for success will greatly improve. The music supervisor makes a list of suggested songs and artists that might work for the producer and director. And that’s probably the biggest misconception among musicians. 4. Here is a list of music supervisors in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Composers & Artists. A sync license is basically an agreement to match the music to the video. InstaSearch is a great way to find music from our catalog FAST. We guarantee your music will always be thoroughly listened to by one of our professionals, absolutely no second stringers or interns will ever … Avatar - Music Supervisors. They know that for music creators, publishing can be a minefield to understand so that is why they take care of the administrative work for you. This list shows the highest grossing Music Supervisors based on the domestic box office of the movies they worked on. She won the Guild of Music Supervisors Award for Best Music Supervision in a Television Drama earlier in 2017. The salary range for Music Supervisors runs from $44,000 to $65,000. A music supervisor meets with the producer and director before production has begun to decide what types of music the film or program requires, along with what budget has been allotted for music. Leave Anytime. Agoraphone - Music Supervisors. Posted October 6th, 2020 for the Society of Composers, ... “Shirley Eikhard is a Canadian treasure and multi-faceted artist, who’s gifted us with her voice, her music, and her talents as a songwriter,” said Vanessa Thomas, CSHF Executive Director. Season 1 … Arpix Media - Music Supervisors. There is a nuts and bolts element to it as well. Finally, a smarter way to get your music into the right hands. We have worked on a wide range of projects from production sizzles and TV promos for broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky through to international theatrical campaigns and everything in between. If a film or TV show is looking for fun, uplifting reggae songs, sending them slow contemporary pop songs won’t do the trick, and the supervisor will shut you out as a trusted source. Music Synchronisation commonly referred to as ‘Sync’ is the commercial placement of music in films, TV, computer games and advertisements etc. The right music is better than great music. Music supervisors looking for songs typically want music that’s real and will resonate with the audience.

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