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You are. Look. -Stubborn jackass. But you should. • Read the Shrek script, written by Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, and Roger S.H. Now, why don't you go celebrate your freedom with your own friends? Man you've ??? You there. There's just me and my swamp. You won't listen to me, right? Time out. Sit down there! I live in a swamp. Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me. Now Ogres, huh, they are much worse. All right. I don't have any friends. -No. FIONA No! No. No way, I'm not saying anything. Wake up and smell the fairemones. Ogre. Shrek 2 is a transcript. Especially useless, pathetic, annoying, talking donkeys! 2 2. Oh, no, you wouldn't, dust. I've talked to... Get her out of my sight! She said I was ugly! Initially terrified of Shrek, Donkey befriends him after seeing him cry over his erased history. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? I don't have any thumbs!!! And that's where you say: "I object". We got to check it out. I see him, now. is a huge collection of movie scripts, screenplays and transcripts from famous and not-so-famous screen writers from around the world — collaboratively published by amateur script writers and contributing editors. I'm entirely in your debt. This cage is so small. Got a knife, cut open their spleens and drink their fluids. Now hand it over. Bye, bye. But wait, Sir Knight! O, you both have layers. All right. But we have to sing through this moment. Come on. Sing with me Shrek! I'll take care of the dragon. I think this whole wall thing is just a way to keep somebody out. Ruuuuun! Shrek, I'm gonna die. So will it be, bachelorette number one? I'm an Ogre. When we met, I didn't think you're just a big stupid, ugly Ogre. Oh, yeah? Guards! But do you know, what I like about you, Shrek? Onions have layers. -Who are you trying to keep out? My lord! Hey don't look at me. You want to do this right, don't you? Where is everybody? Man you got to warn somebody before you just crack one off. Please. Round up some guests. -Yes, that! Yeah. Oh, that's great. It ain't easy bein' green -- especially if you're a likable (albeit smelly) ogre named Shrek. -Just take off the helmet. Your loss! -No. Really. We gonna go find the dragon and rescue a princess just so Farquaad will give you back the swamp, which you only don't have, 'cause he filled it with full of freaks on the first place. You're right Donkey. -Please her! Now, come on. That's it. Or something. Man, there ain't nothing, but a bunch of little dots. Oh pick me, I know! We can keep going. Who? -Shrek! But do you know, what I like about you, Shrek? -Does anyone know how to handle... -Donkey! - Spider? What a loony. Shrek might not be living happily ever after, as the cranky green ogre is likely to return to theaters soon. She was locked away in a castle guarded by a terrible fire breathing dragon. He doesn't look so good. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Number three. I'm the gingerbread man. You think, wait... think Shrek is your true love? by William Steig. I love it. The wedding! You're so wrapped up in layers, onion boy. Farewell Ogre. That would be my home. Please welcome... Cinderella. Five shillings for the possessed toy. She was talking about... ...somebody else. -Two... -Three! It's quiet. All of you. I guess, you don't entertain much, do you? They never last, do they? -Dead! -25 pieces of silver for the witch. They tell stories. You're not that ugly. You and me in green fighting machine. Yeah. I used to be afraid of the dark too. Prince Charming’s eyes narrow. Hey don't look at me. 3. Shrek! Ok, here we go. You're all right. Guards, guards. Ok, ok, let's just back up a little and take this one step at the time. SHREK. Man I had some strong gases leaking out of my but that day. It's not... What a lovely bed. We'll be referencing the Shrek script throughout this piece — and even if you stop reading right now, you'll still want the Shrek movie script for your "learning files." You boneheaded donkey! You thought wrong. Not gumdrop buttons. I read it in a book once. -I. See? Only my true love's kiss can brake the spell. What are you doing in my house? -Really? Where did you learn that? Take it away. Or bachelorette number three? Oh, I'll find those stairs. Take it away. One. - I'm not attracted to spiders. Well, guess what? Only a true friend would be that truly honest. This is one of those drop it and leave it alone things. Look, I'm an animal and I got instincts. The only Ogre to ever spit over three wheat fields. Take it away. no. Hold on. I'll never be stubborn again. And this is not how a princess is meant to look. Wanted. Captain! Don't tell him anything! I need to find somewhere to camp, now! Everyone knows it what happens when you find... Hey! I guess, you don't entertain much, do you? SHREK. -You know. Is this not the most perfect kingdom of them all? Posted by 1 year ago. Well, there's a Cabby. Morning. -No. -Do you know the muffin-man? Ok, ok. That must be lord Farquaad's castle. I was thinking of all the people, you would recognize a wall when you see one. Stop it. -The muffin-man? -Got you! Seize him! Well, yes, actually. It's the world that seems to have a problem with me. Give it up for... Show-white. What do I have to do, to get a little privacy? Come on. Do not get comfortable. You don't how is like to be concerned like a freak. -Are you afraid? Shrek. Oh, a, I guess that's cool. Why are you asking me for? -How did you know? Oh, a, I guess that's cool. Take it away. Now, why don't you go celebrate your freedom with your own friends? Who would wanna live in a place like that? Stairs? Your fine days are over. By night one way, by day another. You go back. And where would a brave knight be without his noble steed. Men of Farquaad's stature are in short supply. Go on. -He can fly! Where do I sleep? I see what's going on here. SHREK. But you don't get burned to a crisp neither. That was amazing. This little wooden puppet. Just let me off right now, please. Like that's ever going to happen. All right, get out of here. -I'm not blocking. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Family - Words: 5,299 - Reviews: 11 - Published: 5/6/2018 - Status: Complete - id: 12927550 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten SHREKOnce upon a time there was a lovelyprincess. -I thought that wouldn't matter to you. After Shrek and Princess Fiona return from their honeymoon, they are invited to a royal ball by Fiona's parents to celebrate their marriage. -To get more firewood. What do you mean? You cut me deep Shrek, you cut me real deep just now. You gonna love it there princess. He can talk! I thought you'd understand? Shrek! And you're going to tear it off.... Oh, no. FIONA. Can I just tell you that you were really great back there with those guards. I don't care what everyone likes. Look. Shrek's ugly 24/7. When we're through rescuing the princess and all that stuff. Are you princess Fiona? -No. A, what are you do... No! Oh, what are you talking about. Indeed. What are you gonna do when we get our swamp back, anyway? I mean, white sparkling teeth. Ok. That makes me feel so much better. The small and annoying. - Oh, boy. -Wheat rat. It only happens when the sun goes down. My bitches got the breaks Yo bitch looks like Shrek, snitch-ass nigga. Oh, would you look at that. You must know how it goes. Hey Shrek. There’s no in-flight movie or nothing. That was the word I was looking for. space suit about the stars, Getting stupid high, ... to a face that looked like Shrek I get high, that ain't no lie But I can't afford another friggin DUI Doctor says "stop, or you'll be dying" I was gonna, BIG DADDY PIMP JR. CHICROS. Have you ever met a person and you say: "Hey, let's get some paffe" and they say I don't like paffe. -Example? My lord! She's so nice. Can't you see I'm a little busy here? Bring it in. Well it's a little late for that. -Let's do that again. I tell him, I tell him not. Well? Media. -She's as nasty as you are. Your welcome is officially warned up. There's something I want ... Shrek. You're great pal, aren't you? Well then, who was she talking about? Well James. -He's not your true love. Man you've ??? Games Movies TV Video. What you're doing here is the opposite... -Don't move. But before the deal is signed, Harold and Lillian learn that Fiona has been rescued. Indeed. I was talking about the dragon Shrek. no brimstone. And stay out. Go on this quest for me and I'll give you your swamp back. Yeah, an Ogre. You're right. Outside! You tensed, irritating, miniature peace of barden. That's enough. You've chosen... princess Fiona. SHREK SCRIPT Why screenwriters need to study the Shrek script. -Good night. I'm sorry, all right? I'll start the plans for tomorrow we wedd... No! Ogres have layers. -Oh, for 'the love of pit'. Three. Ok, fine. Read Script Shrek (2001) Written by Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, and Roger S.H. Navigate through our scripts database alphabetically or simply search by keywords. Awaiting a knight so bold as to rescue me. -No, no, I swear! Head for the exit. You monster. Now I really see what's going on here. You. -I don't have time for this. -Hey, you! I have heard enough. Let's just say, I'm not your type, ok? Well, I've got a talking donkey! Donkey- I’m gonna just stop talking! Well, I have to save my ass. Take it and go. End of story. Calm down. Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me. Quest? Don't be talking ??? Oh no, Shrek. So you just shut up and pay attention! The drafting stairs, ??? But I don't understand. Knights! -Oh my god. Hey, I can fly. That's what all the other knights did. -What? Listen! Names. Good for me to. You know, I don't know you and you don't know me... ... so I guess, outside is best for me. Oh? Who knows where this Farquaad guy is? Princess Fiona, beautiful fair flawless Fiona, I ask your hand in marriage. Please, don't let them do it! -Hey, where are you going? Maybe you can come visit me in the swamp sometime. Wow! Please welcome... Cinderella. No, Shrek! Ok, ok. -This is my swamp. Shrek: "Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess. And I am rescuing you from this green...beast. You there. Shrek! Understand? That champion should have the honor, no, no... ...the privilege to go forth and rescue the lovely princess Fiona from the fireing keep of the dragon. I'll have you locked back in that tower for the rest of your days! Yeah. Check out this kazing thazing, bazaby!" Oh no. Ok, I'll tell you. Now, come on! And do I detect the hint of minty freshness? Fiona, my love, we gonna kiss away for our happily ever after. -Tell me! I have to. There's something about her that you don't know. You let her get away. And then you showed up and BAM. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Love me? Are you talking to... Category:Shrek Characters | WikiShrek | Fandom. There's so much to do. Of course! What a loony. So, just sit back and relax my lord, because it's time for you to meet today's eligible bachelorettes. Wikis. Me, me. But don't feel bad, princess. Oh, no! Yeah. Is this not the most perfect kingdom of them all? Awful stuff. What? Please! I can feel it. Aren't you? What I missed? Close. A..., Shrek. Why didn't you just pull some old Ogre stuff on them? Here's a..., something responsible of the situation. -Would you... Ok. What do you propose we do? -Don't just stand there, you dogs. The bed's taken. Well, gentleman I'll be d..., good night. That's my princess. Applause. Awful stuff. You've got that kind of: "I don't care what nobody thinks of me" thing. -Please! Shut, up. -I now pronounce you... -There they go! You're going the right way for smack bottom. I didn't invite them. Oh, I'm sorry. How do you do this? Please, let me introduce myself. -Well, she's married to the muffin-man. -Do you want to sit down? You know, grab your torch and pitchforks. As friends, maybe even as ??? I'm the stair master. -Never mind Donkey. Cut it out. Where are the others? Man, it's good to be free. -Donkey, I'm ok. You can't do this to me Shrek. -No, but shhhhh. Bachelorette number one is a mentally abused shading from a kingdom far, far away. Really? Like I hate it when you got somebody in your face. My mouth was opened and everything. Fairytale creatures. I've talked to... Get her out of my sight! No. She likes sushi and hottubbing anytime. -As promised. You know I like like that. As you command your highness. We? Shrek?! Donkey & Shrek: Are we there yet? -Is that you Gordon? Hey, hey, come back here. Blue flower, red thorns. -And the squatters? We can stay up late, swap the manly stories. -The muffin-man! You're not making my job any easier. Au! That really made me feel good to see that. -Yes. Hey. You're afraid of the dark. -Anyone? He'll groan into your bones for his brains. How rude that was. No, no. But, how will you kiss me? He can talk! -Now! I'm making waffles. Shrek, what are you doing? Now let's go. Oh I do. I'll tell you why. Now I know you're making this up. It will take that long? If not, do it now. Hey, where are you going? -As good as gone. -Is that about right? Excuse me. So. Now I'm a flying, talking donkey! And there's dragon that breathes fire. Well. Where did that come from? Shrek. If you want to help Shrek, run into woods and find me a blue flower with red thorns. -Yeah. -Huh, thank you! I'm a terrifying Ogre! And be quiet! A... ...really tall? -Your swamp? Yes, yes. But there are robbers in the woods. It's amazing what you did with such a modest budget. -The muffin-man! -The muffin-man! You're not coming home with me. No, do you think? What's your name? -Donkey. Do what? And the next thing you know you're on your back. I am. Hey Shrek! I mean. You know the whole Ogre trick. A..., felonious. Oh, that's not very nice. Only a true friend would be that truly honest. Man, I like you. I like my privacy. Pick number three my lord. -Ah... , princess? -Oh, now you wanna talk? You name it. Blue flower, red thorns. Where do I sleep? Just kiss hers dead frozen lips and find out what a live wife she is. That's what I like to hear, man. I'm ok. Rumpelstiltskin is then shown to have become washed up as a result and subsequently bitter towards Shrek fo… And then you showed up and BAM. Sorry about that. You know not everybody likes onions. I like that boulder. Big shining one, right there. By the order of lord Farquaad. . The bed's taken. We were just a... Look if you want to be alone, all you had to do is ask, ok? Oh, yeah. You know donkey, sometimes things are more than they appear. -Really really. Silence! Exit is over there. No! The chair! That's, I'm terrified. brimstone. She thinks I'm a steed. Who lives on Proully lane? Bachelorette number two is a kemp wearing girl from a land of fantasy. I can't get by that face. Uh, look at that. I guess I'll be dining a little different late tomorrow night. You look awful. You're afraid of your own feelings. You boneheaded donkey! Shrek Wiki. Just like you did it to Fiona. So if you'll excuse me. Camp is definitely something that sounds good. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort, which could only be broken by Love's first kiss. Who knows where this Farquaad guy is? Shrek's going to die. Cleared out as agreed. And then there's that big occurred silence, you know? That's another thing, we have in common. Enough! -Now tell me! Go ahead Shrek. No! Like that's ever going to happen. You can thank me later. Look, you love this woman, don't you? And hurry up, hurry up. Lord Farquaad. -See? Does that sound good to you? Right. Oh. Oh, that's great. Please, give me another chance. Really. We must be getting close. You don't have to raise good manners on the Ogre. There's Blodna, the "Flatulent" You can guess what he is famous for. There's a reason why it's become the only non-Disney animated film to be given a space in the U.S. National Film Registry. You know I'll better go inside. Donkeys don't have sleeves. He's really quite a chatterbox. And be quiet! -Help! Oh, no. -Well, they also great in stews. I've put up signs. Actually, it's quite good on toast. -That's right, fool! Shrek Script PDF - 3/15/01 21st DRAFT at Script City ($) Shrek Script PDF at Script Fly ($) Shrek Transcript at Script-O-Rama; Shrek Transcript at; Note: Multiple links are listed since (a) different versions exist and (b) many scripts posted become unavailable over time. -For getting rid of the Donkey. Princess! I know. -Wait a minute. Aug 2nd, 2014. Look. That's not the point. She's a princess and I'm... Ogre. Follow/Fav The Entire Shrek Script. Let's get married today. Ok, here's another question. Calm down. Go ahead and have some fun, if we need you, I'll whistle. Promise you won't tell. Are you... a... Are you gonna eat that? Together we'll scare the spin if anybody crosses us. She called me a noble steed. -What are you doing here? Oh, no, no, no... Death prods off the table! -She's married to the muffin-man. Hey wait a minute. Ok, ok, I can lose it. Like you said, who could love a hideous, ugly beast! Shrek, wait, wait a minute. Oh, you little... Shall we? Oh, you leave them out on the sun and they get all brown and start ??? Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Can I stay with you? I like that boulder. The sooner, the better. Laugh. All right. You wouldn't break a bee law. I'm a terrifying Ogre! Good question. -Oh, Why you block? A... ...really tall? All you have to do, is marry a princess. I'm gonna die. text 98.70 KB . - Her name's Vanessa. -Tell me! You can residing of a poem to me. Oh gosh, no one invited us. Bachelorette number three is a fire-breathing ??? Synopsis . Man, it's good to be free. -Yes, Shrek? What's the matter with you? Because there's nothing wrong with being afraid. Forget it. -I told you, didn't I? I tell him not. Why? Who could ever love a piece so hideous and ugly? Donkey helps Shrek find a hidden exit clause; the contract can be nullified by "true love's kiss". Keep your legs elevated. What? When I was a little girl, a witch cast a spell on me. -Anyone? No, no, no. You think that Shrek is your true love. Listen, you were really, really something, back there. Me, me. -I thought, I told you to stay outside. Can I stay with you? -Eat me. You're a... different. I'm a donkey on the edge! -It's the spell. Thanks. Will you be the perfect bride for the perfect groom? Homey touches? That explains a lot. I forgive you for stabbing me in the back! I will make this princess Fiona my queen. That's what I like to hear, man. You monster. I don't have any friends. That is a nice boulder. That would take longer. -No. She was locked away in a castle guarded by a terrible fire breathing dragon. I just..., you know... Oh, come on, I was just kidding. You know you're quite a decorator. But I have to be rescued by my true love. Prompts for confirmation before deleting each file. You know, you're getting on my last nerve." Put me down or you will suffer the consequences. In fact. -Yes, I know the muffin-man. Blue flower, red thorns. Uh, look at that. -Maybe it's a perk? Just beautiful. Look at my eye twitching. You know, I don't know you and you don't know me... ... so I guess, outside is best for me. No. Oh, shut up! -What I mean is a...'re not a king, yet. I know where he is. See? Many brave knights had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed. Yeah. Stop it, both of you. -I am outside. By the order of lord Farquaad. All of you. I'm on road again... What did I say about singing? -Now tell me! She likes sushi and hottubbing anytime. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Shrek. Man, I like you. Princess. You ate the princess. -Me. No, no. -No, no. All right then. I love Duloc, first of all. Specifies a list of one or more files or directories. Evening. But that's why we have to stick together! He's ready to talk. Are you all right? Before I change my mind. We were forced to come here. Yeah. Schulman. Come on donkey, I'm right here beside you. Can you forgive me? -Yeah, so what. No! Ah, that s nice. This document apples to the script as distributed by GIMP FX-Foundry project.. Well I'm sorry, but your job is not my problem. -Yes, Shrek? -Yes. This is the transcript for the 2001 film, Shrek.

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