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Vietnamese Dong advanced currency charts by MarketWatch. The converted value at present in Vietnam territory is about 0.43 USD for 10,000 VND. Don't get overcharged when you send money abroad. USD is the currency code for US Dollar, which is the official currency of American Samoa, British Indian Ocean... VND is the currency code for Vietnamese Dong, which is the official currency of Vietnam. 1 Vietnamese Dong is worth today, right now, 0.000043 Dollar, on the other hand, 1 Dollar is worth 23,175.000000 Vietnamese Dong. The page provides the exchange rate of 2020 Vietnamese Dong (VND) to US Dollar (USD), sale and conversion rate. Adding to that, Vietnamese sellers will charge you unfavourable rate if you pay in dollars. 21,365 VND. AUD-ALL Exchange Rate. Moreover, we added the list of the most popular conversions for visualization and the history table with exchange rate diagram for 2000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) to US Dollar (USD) from Thursday, 14/01/2021 till Thursday, 07/01/2021. 1 Vietnamese dong = 0.0000 U.S. Dollar. VND is the currency code for Vietnamese Dong, which is the official currency of Vietnam. Choppy trading throughout the week saw the token climb as high as $41,440 and fall as low as $30,324. Below, you'll find Vietnamese Dong rates and a currency converter. One American Dollar currently exchanges at a rate of VND. To see the latest exchange rate and compare historic rates year on year, head over to our exchange rates page. 1 (USD) U.S. Dollar= 23,064.7000 (VND) Vietnamese dong(twenty-three thousand sixty-five Vietnamese dong) ↻. Despite the government's push to get away from using foreign currency, US dollars are still used in some instances. You'll find the closing price, open, high, low, change and %change of the currency pair for the selected range of dates. 26,242 VND. The Vietnamese Dong is expected to trade at 23088.00 by the end of this quarter, according to … Vietnamese currency is not common beyond Vietnam and Asia, so your banks will not have them in stocks if you are in North America or Europe. Compare us to your bank Send money with TransferWise. The symbol for Vietnamese Dong is ₫. Comprehensive information about the USD VND (US Dollar vs. Vietnamese Dong). Also, view Dong to Dollar currency charts. Since late 2011, Vietnamese government has banned all price listing in dollars. TransferWise gives you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, so you can make huge savings on international transfers. All rights reserved. Updated at 10:00 on Wednesday, 20 January, 2021 UTC. USDVND | A complete Vietnamese Dong currency overview by MarketWatch. Vietnamese Dong to US Dollar Conversion. USDVND at 23158.28 is near its 90-DAY average, range 22969.33-23344.60. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Bitcoin slides back below $35,000 as volatile trading week comes to a close. Conversion rates Vietnamese Dong / US Dollar. Vietnam runs on two currencies: Vietnamese dong and US dollars. 100 U.S. Dollar = 2,315,020.0000 Vietnamese dong Friday, 15 January 2021, 20:00 New York time, Saturday, 16 January 2021, 08:00 Ho Chi Minh time Following are currency exchange calculator and the details of exchange rates between U.S. Dollar (USD) and Vietnamese dong (VND). Historically, the Vietnamese Dong reached an all time high of 23650 in March of 2020. Commerce Policy | It's difficult to forecast the US dollars to Vietnamese dongs exchange rate, but we hope our historic rate graphs can guide you in your currency purchasing decisions. The table above displays historical exchange rates between the US Dollar and the Vietnamese Dong. Vietnamese Dong is subdivided into nto 10 hào, which was further subdivided into 10 xu. The USDVND currency charts are available in bar chart and candlestick chart formats to help highlight price trends and price movement. Bitcoin frenzy drives 900% surge in assets for crypto investment firm Grayscale. The currency code for Dongs is VND, and the currency symbol is ₫. Many prices for hotels, tours, or other services are presented in US dollars. Made In NYC | 1 Nauru Dollar (AUD) is equal to 93.6178 VND. The đồng (/ d ɒ ŋ /; Vietnamese: [ˀɗɜwŋ͡m˨˩]; sign: ₫ or informally đ; code: VND) has been the currency of Vietnam since May 3, 1978. Currency guide to Vietnam and Vietnamese Dong (VND) rates and money saving tips - Travel Money & Transfers. Get also a Dong to Dollar currency converter widget or currency conversion guide sheet or chart for your website. Ethereum has exploded past $1,430 to set a new all-time high, outperforming Bitcoin's year-to-date gain of 26%, TA: Bitcoin Signaling Further Correction, Why BTC Could Revisit $33K, Ford, BMW back blockchain 'birth certificates' to combat used car fraud, Bitcoin rival Ethereum hits new heights as investors flock to cryptocurrencies, Centralized Wealth: The Downside To Institutional Bitcoin Buying, Horizen Labs' co-founder says CBDCs could raise Bitcoin awareness. The exchange rates on Currency World are midrates, and must not be taken as financial advice. USD is the currency code for US Dollar, which is the official currency of American Samoa, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Netherlands, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, Timor-Leste, Turks & Caicos Islands, U.S. Outlying Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and United States. 1.00 KRW. Australian Dollar: 1 AUD ≈ 17,000 VND British Pound: 1 GBP ≈ 30,500 VND Euro: 1 EUR ≈ 27,000 VND US Dollar: 1 USD ≈ 23,000 VND Japanese Yen: 1 JPY ≈ 209 VND Singaporean Dollar: 1 SGD ≈ 17,000 VND Malaysian Ringgit: 1 MYR ≈ 5,700 VND Hong Kong Dollar: 1 HKD ≈ 3,000 VND Russian Ruble: 1 RUB ≈ 405 VND Thai: 1 THB ≈ 700 VND 1 VND. Today VND to USD exchange rate is still the same and price for 1 Vietnam Dong is 0 US Dollar Institutional investors counted for 86% of flows into Grayscale products last year, as well as 93% of all fourth-quarter inflows. Currency World delivers instant currency conversion and fresh exchange rates in a user-friendly interface. 1.00 USD. Vietnam Currency Rate to Other Currencies. Historical Exchange Rates For United States Dollar to Vietnamese Dong 22941 23018 23094 23171 23248 23325 Sep 20 Oct 05 Oct 20 Nov 04 Nov 19 Dec 04 Dec 19 Jan 03 120-day exchange rate history for USD to VND Quick Conversions from United States Dollar to Vietnamese Dong : 1 USD = 23046.09550 VND You have currently selected the base currency. The Vietnamese dong (VND), Vietnam’s official currency, come in polymerized and cotton notes with multiple zeroes: VND 10,000 is the smallest polymer bill you'll find on the street these days, however, there are still cotton 1000, 2000, and 5,000 bills in circulation.The highest banknote that you'll find is the VND 500,000 bill. Historical Exchange Rates For Vietnamese Dong to United States Dollar 0.00002000 0.00002800 0.0000360 0.0000440 0.0000520 0.0000600 Sep 19 Oct 04 Oct 19 Nov 03 Nov 18 Dec 03 Dec 18 Jan 02 120-day exchange rate history for VND to USD Quick Conversions from Vietnamese Dong to United States Dollar : 1 VND = 0.00004 USD

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