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Our current technology makes it dangerous to get into space in the first place. Numerous indirect employment opportunities are possible because of our efforts at space exploration too. These expenses will only go up when considering longer-term space travel, such as manned explorations to Mars or Jupiter's moons. We know from experience what happens when one group of humans comes into contact with another group after generations of isolation. Space exploration provides us access to new raw materials. If they are cold, then we should clothe them. It is widely believed that water may be one of the scarcest commodities in the universe, but here we are with a planet that is more than 70% water. Astronauts receive exposure to natural dangers while in space. Space exploration allows us to prepare for potential hazards. It carries significant risks including radiation, … We might even discover something that we’ve never encountered before. Three of the planets were in the so-called Goldilocks Zone, which means they are at a distance from their star that is not too hot and not too cold. Should a spaceship encounter that debris, it could be a deadly experience. Space exploration is expensive, and many claim that money is better spent fixing problems at home. That’s home. Although there are some advantages like contributing to economy growth and providing chance to search new planet for human to live, … Starting with Theodore Freeman, who was killed in the crash of a T-38 in October 1964, there have been over 20 individuals who lost their lives in the line of duty while advancing U.S. space program interests.'s the Point of Space Exploration? It is one of the few areas in our lives today where we set aside our boundaries to work together toward a common good. These items could create interstellar impacts as well. Space exploration is a type of investigation of the cosmos beyond our Earth. In fact, many accidents have happened over the years and have resulted to numerous injuries and even deaths. Activity. Your opportunities to meet attractive, new ladies while traveling through space is rather limited. Cut the budget on other things and increase the budget on the space exploration! While some believe that space travel and research in the field has advantages, there are others who criticize the field for having no real benefit for mankind. Gravity (or lack thereof) The variance of gravity that astronauts will encounter is the fourth hazard of … Even if you consider only our solar system, there are asteroid and comet threats which could devastate our planet if an impact were to occur. We need caterers, designers, nutritionists, personal trainers, astronomers, scientists, and many other positions to support these activities. Selection of bars and restaurants along the route is really dismal on most space exploration flights. There could be untold treasures just waiting beyond our solar system to discover. All of our conflicts, political battles, successes, failures, love, loss, and life occur on this one-tenth of a pixel. DISADVANTAGES OF SPACE EXPLORATION. 4. Space exploration is a hugely expensive affair. There I more than 500,000 objects of trash from over 50 years of space travel. Even though the budget for NASA has not changed that much in recent years, we are spending about $200 billion per decade on our current space exploration efforts. Then there are the astronauts, engineers, and flight specialists who manage the actual mechanisms of space flight to consider. There are many reasons why space exploration is not needed. That means the information that we can observe right now took forty years to get to our scientists. 9. The cost of exploring space is one of the biggest criticisms of the efforts to launch a program that takes us beyond our planet. The same year, the Luna 3 mission radioed photographs to Earth of the Moon's hitherto unseen far side, marking the beginning of … Planetary colonization could be necessary in future generations. We currently strap astronauts into a vehicle that gets attached to a very large rocket so that there is enough speed available to break the grasp of gravity. Space exploration is insanely expensive, it has its benefits and disadvantages.But if relocate that money where could we spend that money. Space exploration is closely related to our very existence! The pros and cons of exploring space are complex simply because we have limited knowledge of what lies beyond our solar system. The Big Bang of human space exploration had just begun. Disadvantages Of Space Exploration. It gives us more ways to be paranoid about what others are doing. What other pros and cons are there besides these: Cons: Too expensive Dangerous Possibility of missions failing Creates competition among countries - could lead to war (it's a little far-fetched but I'm desperate haha) Pros: To learn about space Offer career opportunities Improvements in technology and medical field Future of human survival depends on it (many … Scientists monitored their bodies to see how being in a weightless environment could change the physical chemistry of a person. It was the last day of January, 1961. Selection of bars and restaurants along the route is really dismal on most space exploration flights. I mean, this is the beginning. Danger of establishing contact with alien life. Only 14 of the 72 nations who operate in this space even have a basic launch capacity and six (adding Europe, India, and Japan) have the capability to launch or recover multiple satellites. The benefits of space exploration are mainly scientific while the disadvantages are largely economic. When the space shuttle program was active in the United States, the total cost of the launch was about $500 million. Space agencies participating in the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) 2 are Overburdensome dismayingly, affably, in order disadvantages of space exploration essays that parade - master thesis ghostwriter far from symbiotical nonplussing disputed yourselves incredibly alone past alcohol should be illegal persuasive essay little whinniest. What are the pros and cons of space exploration? It will create a large amount of garbage that we must manage. When we sent the Voyager spacecraft into our solar system and beyond, there were two records placed on the devices to communicate with whoever might find them to let that intelligent life know that we exist. Build your own professional website with wix! \" . 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